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Dear Reader
Today we’re showcasing the creative side of our work. Transcreation is deployed in particular for marketing communication, a segment in which no foreign language dictionary in the world can help you achieve first-class results, What it takes are experienced language professionals with creative skills, marketing know-how and familiarity with the linguistic culture of the target market, i.e. transcreators.

Apostroph Bern on the march. Only a few days to go before our team starts moving into its new premises; the relocation process will be gradual. No doubt we’ll be toasting the move with you at some point!

Last but not least, we’re looking over at Central Switzerland, where Romy Brand in Lucerne is our Key Account Manager. Now’s your chance to get to know her.

In all kinds of ways, this extraordinary situation is proving challenging for each and every one of us. What unites us, though, is a sense of solidarity. We at Apostroph aren’t doctors or nurses, so we can’t help you medically – but we are at your service for all your linguistic needs, even if the job’s urgent, including after office hours or at the weekend.

We look forward to hearing from you and wish you the very best of health.

Kind regards
Philipp Meier, Managing Partner
Swiss Firm. Swiss Quality
Transcreation – how to translate feelings
Two languages, one communication goal. When it comes to advertising copy and other marketing texts, you won't get far with commonplace words if you want to trigger emotions and reactions. What it requires are skilled wordsmiths.
> Apostroph – Your transcreation partner
> Apostroph – Your transcreation partner
Apostroph Bern – new offices in Marktgasse
Growth requires more space – for new projects, fresh inspiration and effective language services solutions. Apostroph Bern’s relocating just up the road – same neighbourhood, fresh ambience.
> Apostroph – Our Bern team at the new location
> Apostroph – Our Bern team at the new location
Dancing with cultures
How’s Romy Brand coping as a Key Account Manager during the pandemic? What does an enterprising woman with a passion for dancing do when she’s obliged to stay at home?
> Apostroph in person – Romy Brand
> Apostroph in person – Romy Brand
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