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Today we're taking a serious look at dry figures. Then you're joining us at an event that's both colourful and airborne. After that, it's time to meet Julia, who relocated to learn new things.
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It's all about transparency
Financial wizards in corporations are already sharpening their calculators on the basis that preparation is half the job: we're approaching company report time!
> Apostroph – a way with words in financial communications
> Apostroph – a way with words in financial communications
Up, up and away
Hot air, tough men, soft silk: unfettered, brightly coloured freedom above the clouds.
> Apostroph has lift-off
> Apostroph has lift-off
Sleepless in Switzerland
Impatient at times, but always ready to break new ground: Julia Torchalla moved to Switzerland after her studies. She's now discovering her new home – and a whole lot more.
> Apostroph in person – Julia Torchalla
> Apostroph in person – Julia Torchalla
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