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Today we look at the use of key words. And at what virtual sausages have to do with children in hospital. Lastly, do you get destiny's joke?

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Whole world caught in a web!
For your website to be successful, you need more than a great offer – you also have to make every word count.
> Apostroph – offering SEO
> Apostroph – offering SEO
Healing technology
Children who spend a long time in hospital due to sickness or accident can suffer from depression. Enter Nao!
> Apostroph – because communication can help heal
> Apostroph – because communication can help heal
Ideals and trends: no thanks!
No two people are the same, which is good – it makes life that much more interesting. That's what Mariana Lopes thinks, and she's always ready with a laugh.
> Apostroph in person – Mariana Lopes
> Apostroph in person – Mariana Lopes
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