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Today we're not giving safe-crackers or linguistic infelicities a chance. Then we're tackling the elephant in the room while sorting the wheat from the chaff. We end with a profile of our explorer in the Bern team.

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Secure everywhere
When it comes to passenger checks at Mexico City airport or burglar-proofing the home, Securiton and Apostroph share joint pole position for security – the one technical, the other linguistic.
> Apostroph – your key to languages
> Apostroph – your key to languages
Stories from the world of language
There's no point in seeing red or arguing till you're blue in the face: in terms of language, we steer clear of purple prose.
> Apostroph keeps things colourful
> Apostroph keeps things colourful
Thirst for the new
Whether in her native home in Canton Graubünden or adoptive home in the federal capital, Silvana Camenisch feels at ease pretty much anywhere and loves discovering new things.
> Apostroph in person – Silvana Camenisch
> Apostroph in person – Silvana Camenisch
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