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Translating: child's play?
Dear Reader
Today we're having fun with the hand game known as rock-paper-scissors and how it relates to translating. And talking of child's play – our myAPOSTROPH web portal is already celebrating its fourth anniversary this year.

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Rock-paper-scissors – what the whole world plays
It doesn't need translating: if hand signals were all the human race had to communicate with, there'd be nothing for Apostroph to do.
> Translations from Apostroph
> Translations from Apostroph
myAPOSTROPH is four
A birthday child in a class of its own: four years ago myAPOSTROPH revolutionised the order fulfilment process.
> Just a few clicks to language heaven
> Just a few clicks to language heaven
«Let the sunshine in»
She doesn't let herself be side-tracked: cheerful, motivated and with an eye for the bigger picture, Patricia Kamer has the finger on the pulse at Apostroph Zurich.
> Apostroph in person – Patricia Kamer
> Apostroph in person – Patricia Kamer
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