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A little character with a big impact. So big, in fact, that it's spawned a language services company! Using it correctly, however, is no easy matter. Things get rather tricky for the superstitious, too, when an unlucky number coincides with a "black day". Thankfully Ina Jukic isn't superstitious: she carries on attending to her clients' projects on Friday 13th with her customary professionalism.

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This little mark has a catch
Even though it's seen in a variety of forms, did you know that there exists only one typographically correct apostrophe?
> Curtain up for the apostrophe
> Curtain up for the apostrophe
Oh no, it's Friday the 13th!
The superstitious among us will soon be diving back under the bedclothes – there's a Friday the 13th coming up. Statistics show, however, that accidents are no more likely to happen on that day than any other.
> Tracking down the bad luck day with Apostroph
> Tracking down the bad luck day with Apostroph
All singing, all dancing
She can make full use of her versatility at Apostroph – plus she's wonderfully well organised: Ina Jukic leaves her desk immaculate when she leaves the office in the evening.
> Ina Jukic in person
> Ina Jukic in person
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