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With our 20th birthday celebrations in full swing, this is the perfect time for a brand-new look at Apostroph. Of course, no reorganisation would be complete without the latest technological innovations being put into action. With a rainy summer behind us, we also travel to the outskirts of Bern to see the unusual way one of our colleagues is getting rid of snails in her garden.

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Anniversary newsletter, issue 9: A new look for a new decade
To mark our 20th birthday, we are treating ourselves to a complete redesign of our corporate image - from printed materials to our logo and website.
> Apostroph Group - in top form
> Apostroph Group - in top form
The nerds shall inherit the earth
What our technology lovers do at the weekend is up to them. However, from Monday to Friday they are there to implement the latest technology at the Apostroph Group.
> Apostroph Group - ready for the future
> Apostroph Group - ready for the future
Green is the colour
Charlotte Nigg is in her element when snowdrops peep through the soil, when red, yellow and orange tulips sway in the breeze or when the forest is transformed into an explosion of rich green colours.
> Getting to know Charlotte Nigg
> Getting to know Charlotte Nigg
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